Blue Town Phase 1 (AL SAHER) is a new best residential address in Lahore that has received LDA approval. This themed gated community offers all of the conveniences and luxuries of a luxurious living in a serene setting. Blue Town is home to a number of fantastic attractions.

Blue Town is a well-known housing society and the Blue Group’s most recent initiative. They established this residential community in Lahore to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents. Lahore’s offers a complete lifestyle. Blue Town Lahore is more than simply a housing society; it is a work of art that defies the passage of time. It is designed to provide the best possible quality of life. Blue Town is a beautiful place with a lush green environment. This fantastic residential project is completely equipped with all of the worldwide standard amenities and services, giving it a beautiful and modern place to call home. The fact that Blue Town is an LDA-approved society makes it even more appealing for investment. As Lahore’s most modern housing society, It is a blend of comfort and elegance. BT is a well-planned society with all of the latest amenities and unique features. This society has been established with cutting-edge infrastructure and technological advancements.

It is constructing an eternal monument, not merely a housing society. It is designed to provide the best possible quality of life. It has beautiful views and a lush green ambiance. The design is based on a global development strategy. Engineers take into account not just the demands of the Pakistani people, but also the needs of foreign visitors. has chosen a superb position for its residential community in Lahore’s new zero point. Blue Town Lahore is easily connected to all major roads and highways leading to Lahore. The trip from to Lahore through Multan road is only 10 to 15 minutes. For willing clients, the best location and very inexpensive rates are a fantastic chance.



    Location And Map

    Blue Town Lahore Location Map is at a prime location, being situated on Lahore’s new zero point. The ring road is directly connected to all main roadways and commercial centers. Bahria Town on Canal Road, Lake City & Fazaia on Raiwind Road, Khayabane Ameen on Defence Road/GiaBagga Road, LDA City on Ferozpur Road, and DHA- Phase 5 & 6 via Beddian Road are just a few of the important routes, developments, and landmarks. The most notable landmark in Lahore is Allama Iqbal International Airport, which is readily accessible from the ring road, followed by easy access to Motorway M-2 via Bund Road.

    Another major route to BTS Lahore is the M-2 Lahore – Islamabad Motorway’s Thoker Niaz Baig interchange. According to the LDA’s declared modified Master plan of Lahore division-2016, the scheme Area of BTS provides full authenticity inside designated residential zones. If you want to provide your next generation with complete comfort and a proper modern lifestyle, you must pay a visit. Blue Town has an easy-to-find map that everyone may use. Because backward areas make travel difficult, location is a top issue in this century. However, in Blue Town Lahore, you can acquire a fantastic position with all commercial and residential amenities.
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    Blue Town Sapphire Prices, Booking & Payment Plan

    The construction of BT is progressing at a good speed. On the job site, heavy machinery is in use. The developers are concentrating their efforts on high-quality infrastructure development. Because the project is still in the pre-booking stage, the costs are quite reasonable when compared to Lahore’s rising property prices. All plots, both residential and commercial, are available on three payment plans: six months, two years, and three years. For all plot classifications, the down payment (booking price) for each payment plan is different.

    Payment Plan


    blue world city picture by al saher properties price

    Payment Plan


    blue world city picture by al saher properties price

    Payment Plan


    blue world city picture by al saher properties price

    Blue Town Owners and Developers

    Blue Town Lahore is being developed by the Blue Group Company in collaboration with other well-known contractors in order to complete the project quickly. With such real estate ventures, BGC has embarked on a journey of significant accomplishments. BGC projects will be able to affect the long-term effects of trust on their customers and investors. Its goal is to provide a set of sustainable, green, and inexpensive housing communities with all of today’s amenities. These types of projects will have a long-term impact on the lives of the people who reside there. BTS Lahore aims to give investors with a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment. It will provide the highest living standards at a reasonable price. People have great expectations for BGC since they know how to make their clients’ fantasies come true. This blind trust relationship is a two-way street. Blue Town Lahore is the Blue Group Company’s second real estate project, following the successful launch of Blue World City Islamabad which is already attracted a large number of investors due to its ability to combine luxury with quality and affordability. BGC is already one of Islamabad’s most affordable housing societies, and now it will set a new standard by constructing a gorgeous BTS in the heart of Pakistan’s second-most populous and culturally rich metropolis, Lahore.